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                 SAG, EQUITY, AFTRA, UBCP, ACTRA                                                                                    Dual Citizenship - U.S./Canada

                                                                             Hair: Black

                                                                            Eyes: Brown

                                                                             Height: 5’7’

                                                                          Weight: 135 lbs



Dead Like Me                             Principal                    Peter Lauer/ Showtime

The Chris Issac Show                 Principal                    Kevin Inch/ Showtime         

All My Children                           Principal                    Conan O’Brien/ ABC

Boy Meets Girl                            Principal                    Kevin Sullivan/NBC

If Freud Had a Video Camera    Featured                    Gideon Shmorak/Indie     

Cousins (w/ Ted Danson)           Principal                    Joel Shumacher/ Paramount

Secrets of a Married Man           Principal                    William A. Graham

Wise Guy (w/ Jerry Lewis)          Principal                    Rob Iscove/ Cannell/ CBS

Airwolf II                                      Principal                    Brad Turner/ CBS

Stir Crazy (Series)                       Principal                    Jim Sheldon/ CBS

J.J. Starbuck                               Principal                    Bill Corcoran/ Cannell/ NBC




Ragtime** (w/ Hinton Battle)      Sarah                         National Tour/ Chicago

Ragtime                                     Sarah Understudy      Broadway/ Vancouver/ LA           

Evita                                           Eva Peron                  Arts Club Theatre/Vancouver

The Drowsy Chaperone             The Aviatrix               Citadel Theatre/Edmonton

Jacques Brel                              Woman #2                 Arts Club Theatre/Vancouver

Education of Randy Newman    Woman # 3                Act Theatre/ Seattle

Jekyll & Hyde*                            Lucy                          Cabaret Theatre/ Connecticut

Aint Misbehavin***                     Charlaine Woodard   Arts Club Theatre/ Vancouver

Sophisticated Ladies                 Judith Jamieson        Jomandi Productions/ Atlanta

Little Shop of Horrors                 Ronnette                    Arts Club Theatre/ Vancouver

The Colored Museum                 La La/ Various           Firehall Theatre/ Vancouver



COMMERCIALS                 Regional & National (List available on request)




                                                  “Versatility” (Solo – Independent )

                                                  “Broadway Visions” (Solo - Independent)

                                                  “Holdin Out”- (Solo recording - Independent)

                                                  “Call My Name”- (Love & Sas - BMG Records)****




OUTSTANDING ACTRESS Connecticut Critic’s Circle Award*

Nominated BEST ACTRESS for the 2001 National Broadway Theatre Award**

Nominated BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS for a Jessie Award***

2 JUNO AWARDS**** - Best R&B Single (Canadian Grammy)




SPECIAL SKILLS    Outstanding Vocal Ability- 3 Octaves, Low B - High B

                                    (High Belt/Soprano), Rollerskating, Volleyball, Club Dancing


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Lovena B Fox


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